Client Visit in Australia

February 2019
Whilst meeting with our client Donovan. Had a nice time with you. 🙂

Magento Live Australia

February 2019
Mango IT Solutions participated in MagentoLive Australia 2019 "Experience-Driven Commerce" from 12-13 February at Sydney for experience full of networking and education.

Mango IT Sports Day 2018

December 2018
Sports Day Celebration at Mango IT Solutions was not a one day activity; rather it was a bimonthly engagement activity. Starting with the Table Tennis doubles matches, Carrom and Table Tennis singles matches, the team of Mango mates exhibited an ample amount of energy and enthusiasm. Fitness for us is not just a sport, rather it is a religion. Right from the start of the day and coming to the office by cycle we encourage people for having a fitter lifestyle. The sports day had all that gam... 

Company Outing

September 2018
This year the Mango IT team explored Touch Magikaa for company outing. Fun activities like Paint ball, Water park, adventure park, puppet show and magic show added to the memories of 2018 and team bonding.

Janmashtami Celebration

September 2018
Janmashtami celebration took place with Matki Fodd. Our team dressed up as modern Krishna and modern Radha using props like flute, peacock feather added to the festivity.

Company’s Infrastructure

May 2018

Holi Celebration

March 2018
Reliving the Holi celebration of Banke Bihari Temple the Holi celebration took place by showering flower petals and sharing the joy spread in the air of Mango IT Solutions. The refreshing Thandai enlivened the joy in the midst of the play.
The Posers

Recreating Childhood Memories

January 2018
Mango IT Solutions dedicated full day for recreation for all the team members. The enthusiastic team revived the childhood memories with the games like Sitoliya, Tug of War and Rumaal Jhapatta. Here’s glimpse of the team performances and games.

Mango IT Solutions Inaugurates Its New Office!!

October 2017

October 3, 2017: Mango IT Solutions inaugurate a new office on Tuesday by Managing Director Mr. Mahesh Singhal.

Here’s glimpse of it!!

This will be the new corporate Office of the Company which is located @

Mango IT Solutions

15/3 Old Palasia behind Sarda House

Indore 452001, India

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