Nashville Brighthouse
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About Client

Brighthouse is one of the professional service providers of cleaning services covering professional as well as residential customers. Nashville with its certified cleaning professionals offers quality cleaning solutions for their customers that leave refreshing impact in the working environment.

Business Challenges

  • Manual system to manage clients and employees
  • Employee and shift reports to analysis productivity
  • Customize email notification to employee and client
  • Tedious and unorganized process of assigning task (Shift) to employees


Mango IT Solutions engaged with NashVille Brighthouse in order to transform processes from manual to automate. Making all the functionalities up and running, team of seasoned WordPress developers have actually created “Shift Management Tool”. This tool helps manager to manage employees, clients, shift, shift setup, writing notes, sharing notes with employees etc. We have also customized email notification plugin that helped manager to send email to employees with appointment and client’s details and email to client with appointment and employee’s details. Successful implementation brought repeat business in terms of cloning the site and functionality for JacksonVille target audience

Business Benefits

  • Quite easy and optimal employee management
  • Proper utilization of employees’ working hours via appointment scheduling
  • Custom reports help in analyzing overall business productivity and decision making
  • Quick allocation of shift and appointment email notification improved customer satisfaction