The Psychic Place
The Psychic Place

About Client

The Psychic Place provides free daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes for all 12 Western Astrology signs. You can get all answers from the psychic by calling or scheduling an appointment with them. There are many psychics available for different categories mainly include Love, Career and Money etc

Business Challenges

  • Filter out psychics on the basis of various advanced options API limitations
  • User friendly process to select the psychics
  • Connect an psychic based on the requirements
  • Scheduling an appointment with various options


Mango IT PHP team integrated ASK NOW api to get the data of the psychics, due to the limitations of the API we saved the data at one place and after that added various validations and filters so user can easily find out a relevant psychic.

Business Benefits

  • Easily connect with psychic advisors
  • User can create their account and check the history of the calls they had with the psychics
  • More than 1000 psychics available on the site