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Mango IT Solutions leverages ReactJS, an extensible and adaptable JavaScript library, to build user interfaces. Our organization extends custom Reactjs services that handle data updates and synchronization without page reloading to integrate existing applications or systems with ReactJS.

What is react?

ReactJs, an open-source JavaScript library backed by Facebook, is a modern-day front-end development library used to construct modern web applications. React is leading the pack of front-end JavaScript development governed by React, Angular, and Vue. As an optimal basis for the quick-changing data to be registered, ReactJs can be practiced in developing single-page or mobile applications. Nevertheless, data collection is barely the starting of the web page; however, complex ReactJs apps ordinarily require the usage of additional libraries for state management, routing, and communication with an API. Redux, React Routers, and Axios are examples of these libraries.

Our React development services

ReactJS Migration Services

We assist you effortlessly move your existing website to ReactJS and experience a user-friendly interface, security, and intuitive site.


ReactJS Plugins

Get custom-tailored plugins and extensions for your ReactJS web and mobile apps and open-up further revenue possibilities.


Portal Development

Our developers create wide-reaching portals with easy access according to client requirements, which are customizable and extensible.

ReactJS Front-End Development

ReactJS is famous for front-end development since whenever a new change is made, it suddenly patches the updates on the real DOM after that re-calculates the differences between the two versions.

ReactJS Web App Development

Mango IT has far-reaching experience in developing extremely scalable web apps employing ReactJS. The web apps we build for you are SEO-friendly, responsive, and high-performance.

ReactJS Custom Development

Our qualified ReactJS developers create custom applications and solutions for evolving business requirements to grant agility.

ReactJS UI/UX Development

We develop winning and interactive UI designs for your apps and web interfaces.

ReactJS Mobile App Development

Now you can develop hybrid mobile apps applying ReactJS and award a more robust quality user experience.

Maintenance and Support Services

Mango IT ensures you of healthy and convenient ReactJS development support yet after the development process. Our specialists will address your issues and ensure that ReactJS solutions remain to deliver for you.

Why React?

Create versatile, scalable, and interactive web designs and applications with our divergent ReactJS services.

It is exceedingly well-organized with a large amount of versatility and high performance because of the framework, which forms a virtual DOM where its components occupy.

ReactJS is Profoundly handy as it encourages various platforms such as web, iOS, and Android.

ReactJS furnishes a responsive UI that fits complicated devices, screen resolutions, operating systems, with browsers & portals.

The React JS framework arises with a series of components that can be shared and recyclable time and again.

The framework alone is exceptionally lightweight, delivering projects more accessible to develop and maintain since it’s effortless to study JavaScript libraries.

ReactJS framework contributes out-of-the-box development tools that make app development more manageable for the developer team.

As opposed to other JavaScript frameworks, ReactJS is SEO-adaptable as page content can be refreshed by re-rendering only that segment.

The applications built applying this framework are accessible to test as its contrasting views can be marked as functions of the state.

The ReactJS performs no assumptions about the rest of your technology stack. It proffers the versatility to try it out on a minute feature in an existing project.

React JS executes one-way reactive data flow, which decreases boilerplate and is simpler to reason about than traditional data binding.

Who already uses React?

Hire a dedicated ReactJs developer

Benefits of using React Js

  • The React essentially allows developers to use individual parts of their application on both the client-side and the server-side, which eventually raises the development process's pace.
  • Compared to other front-end frameworks, the React code is simpler to maintain and adjustable due to its modular structure. This flexibility, in turn, saves an enormous amount of time and cost to businesses.
  • React JS was designed to accommodate high performance in mind. The framework's core extends a virtual DOM program and server-side rendering, which makes complex apps run remarkably agile.
  • The quality of the user interface in an application performs an influential role. If the user interface is poorly designed, then it lessens the probabilities of an application to succeed.
  • Thanks to the high-speed rendering, React, compared to other frameworks, significantly decreases the page load time, which exceedingly helps businesses in obtaining the first rank on Google Search Engine Result Page.
  • Like Angular, React as well, has compelling community support, which is one of the leading causes of adopting React JS in your project.
  • React downward data flow to secure that the parent structure doesn't get affected by any alterations in its child structure.
  • ReactJS to creating module-like parts of code called "Components." These code snippets reflect an appropriate amount of the user interface, which can be repeated over several web pages.
  • ReactJS makes usage of the ever-popular HTML and Javascript frameworks by blending them mutually. Stretch the two technologies onto CSS promotes the designing of advanced looking web-interfaces.
  • Businesses looking to create a fault-tolerant user interface will see ReactJS as the go-to choice. This library's component creation feature allows developers to expertly execute unit testing, making sure no system crashes happen.
  • ReactJS uses one-way data flow, so hardly changes to the data result in UI changes. If you apply Redux, you change data in a global app store, and the components hear for changes there. The advantage of having all the app state in one place is having one source of truth.
  • Another benefit is that it makes it more natural to inspect variations in the app and captures the various states of the app. This benefits when trying to reproduce errors.
  • React isn't merely the UI; it's a framework or ecosystem. You can manage the environment using a state manager such as Redux. That is separated away from the component tree. It makes debugging more relaxed not to have a state hidden in various places. There are immeasurable tools following this stack, such as Redux DevTools, which enables you to see the app state as a collapsable tree widget.
  • Virtual DOM lets the UI to be useful in diffing UI modifications. This middling process between what the component should render and the genuine rendering permits React to work on complex platforms. Furthermore, React Native runs on mobile devices, and there are more native OS platforms that operate on Ubuntu, Mac, and Windows.

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Our services in React Js

  • Web app development
  • React JS migration services
  • ReactJS app development
  • ReactJS native app development
  • Interactive ReactJS UI development
  • Custom ReactJS development
  • Enterprise ReactJS development
  • Application maintenance and support
  • Portal development
  • Ecommerce development
  • React front end development
  • ReactJS template creation
  • Social and interactive apps
  • Ajax development
  • Plugins and components development


ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript framework and is an excellent selection for developing engaging and productive user interfaces. ReactJS is resourceful, flexible, easy-to-use, and capable of creating scalable client-side for web and mobile apps, but particularly for single-page apps. ReactJS encourages fast development and empowers developers to build spontaneous, appealing apps with the least coding and high-quality rendering.

 ReactJS has numerous impressive and beneficial features:

Declarative: ReactJS advises developers to create interactive and dynamic UIs for mobile and web platforms, including forthright views for each state in the app.

Virtual DOM: For every DOM object, ReactJS gives a corresponding virtual DOM, which essentially is a virtual copy of the original DOM. The virtual DOM is a one-way data-binding process.

Event handling: React generates its event system and grants a cross-browser interface to a native event, making it attractive for web development.

JSX: JSX is a markup syntax and a mixture of Javascript and XML. It makes it simpler for developers to compose React UI building blocks by forming and using HTML strings closely mirroring the HTML they will inject into the web page.

Performance: ReactJS employs Flux controls, which lets developers apply one-way data binding in the app architecture. That permits developers to modernize the View for the user.

Component-Based: ReactJS is solely component-based, i.e., the web page is divided into small components to create the UI. Every section of the app is like a self-contained module written in JavaScript instead of templates, enabling the developers to transfer rich data through the app and keep the state out of the DOM.

With such great features, it’s evident that ReactJS is the dream framework for web app developers. ReactJS uses new technology for your web app development and is perfect for building high-performance, dynamic web apps. Besides, ReactJS has immutable data structures, which means faster growth, and has excellent features like using components to develop new features in React without asking developers to rewrite existing code.

Mango IT has given numerous ReactJS development famously for influencing brands across the world. Our expertise crosses multiple domains and industries, and we appreciate that each business has individual requirements. Instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach, we bring a consultative approach and deliver a ReactJS solution that feeds your demands.

Security assurance, confidentiality, endless work support, availability of sources, team help, coding best practices, value for money, maintenance are some are the reasons that you should choose Mango IT Solutions as your React.JS development company over a freelancer.


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