AngularJS Development Service

Mango IT Solutions, a Top-rank AngularJS Development Company, proffers competence in single page enterprise applications with model–view–controller (MVC) proficiency.

AngularJS Development

We develop high-geared web applications with AngularJS and utilize the most advanced resources and tools that support us to deliver AngularJS development services to assure promptness. Our team leverages every feature namely,  Binding, MVC, Scope, Routing, Deep linking, Controller, Services, Dependency Injections, Cross-platform app development and unit trial & testing to reach development workflow and feature requirements.

We make excellent usage of Directives to invent new HTML syntax and build reused components to protect complex DOM structure, CSS and behaviour. We understand the dynamic technology trends and the necessity to deploy AngularJS extensions to an existing web or mobile application. Besides, we offer custom AngularJS development services for our clients with a motive to know the business needs and convert it into the best user experience.

A Wide Array Of Angularjs Development Services @ Mango IT Solutions

Web APP UI/UX development

We proffer premium UI/UX experience for your web application, which provides a remarkable stratosphere user-experience. The comfort of navigation, scalability, and responsiveness for multiple-platforms gets it enchanting.

API development

We link the gaps between different software and applications with our API development services. And, not merely the API development, we further render API integration services to secure smooth functioning.

Real-time chat apps

Real-time chat is becoming an imperative feature of the new-age application. You can’t neglect this throughout your application development process. Mango IT developers’ team contributes to developing homely yet fully functional real-time chat apps.

Portal development

When it proceeds to Portal development, the Mango IT team is acknowledged as the most promising AngularJS web development company. We cater to full-cycle internal or web portal development services.

Migration and up-gradation services

Keep updating is the key to success in this fast-changing digital landscape. We firmly plant your existing technology platform into the futuristic AngularJS and enhance its functionality. We also help you to upgrade your platforms for a better experience.

E-Commerce application development

AngularJS furnishes you with the facility to magnify the features of your e-commerce stores and applications. We are devoted to developing a feature-rich and performance-obsessed application to satisfy the users’ demand.

AngularJS Support and Maintenance

Our specialist unite assures the stable performance of Angular.JS applications with maintenance and support services. Feel free to communicate with us. Our developers are equipped to assist you.

AngularJS Upgrade Services

With us, upgrade your old AngularJS application to the freshest Angular version to double the speed of the application and development process.

Custom Widgets Development

We at Mango IT Solutions grants Built-in reusable widgets with thoroughly custom Angular components for streamlined performance and heightened functionality.

Advantages Of AngularJS Development

Since we are a best AngularJS Development Company, we know exactly why you benefit from front-end coding using this language. To give you a holistic insight, we have listed all of it out for you.

  • It offers a rich library of codes in JavaScript and HTML
  • Being an open source front-end framework, it is highly customizable, adapting to the client’s need
  • It follows a modular approach in the form of building blocks
  • Manipulation of AJAX glue is permissible and easy
  • Lucid HTML directives to implement extending attributest
  • It has ability to reuse HTML Components.
  • A completed application development JavaScript framework.
  • Open source framework backed by Google.
  • AngularJS is the fastest growing JavaScript framework.
  • It is powerful and robust.
  • The framework can be used to create a rich user experience and build progressive web apps.
  • Client-Side MVC and MVVM Architecture/Design.
  • It is also best for developing interactive single page websites.
  • Even more simplified testing.
  • Also, easy synchronization between Model and Dom.
  • Similarly, it supports quick development and easy to maintain your business site. …..

Why You Should Use AngularJS For Your Front-End Development?

As businesses become highly competitive, AngularJS has evolved as a smart solution because of its intuitive and rich features. It is the Java-script framework that follows MVC pattern.

AngularJS supports two-way data binding. Unlike the traditional frameworks, in AngularJS, the user interface changes are immediately reflected in the underlying data model, and vice-versa.This eliminates the need of doing lots of coding on the front-end display.

With ready-to-use templates of AngularJs, you can speed up your front end development. You can easily adapt readily available templates for your brands. Even people with less coding knowledge can come up with great apps.

Using AngularJS is perhaps simpler than you can imagine. You just need to include some attributes into the HTML, and you are ready with the app in just a few minutes.

UI with AngularJS is fully structured and understandable. Therefore, it’s easy for you to learn the markups and to manipulate the components.

Dependency injection in AngularJS lets web component to give their dependencies instead of hard-coding. It helps in having a more reusable code, thus making the component more scalable and easily testable.

Benefits - Delivered to customers

  • Reduced Page Response Time
  • Improved Web Experience
  • Less Code – More Output
  • Supported large number of Users
  • Richer End-User Experience
  • Reusable 150 – 160 Components
  • Extend HTML 5 Storage
  • Interactive DATA visualization with D3 + Angular
  • Fast DOM Manipulations
  • Instant Search & Filters Friendly

AngularJS Application Development Experts

Delivering a wide range of AngularJS development services to diverse industry verticals. Our AngularJS application development experts create scalable, robust, responsive, high-end user experience and award-winning web and mobile applications.


CMS Solutions

Get a plethora of content management system with advanced customize features that are competent with your business requirements. Our AngularJS developers are proficient enough to develop top AngularJS CMS solutions for your business.


Adroit Enterprise Applications

​We offer customized enterprise solutions that are based on AngularJS scripts. AngularJS applications are fast, reliable and flexible for businesses to run smoothly.

Advanced Features of AngularJS App Development

  • ckeck Two-way data binding
  • ckeck Power MVC
  • ckeck HTML template
  • ckeck Custom widgets
  • ckeck Less code
  • ckeck Easy synchronization
  • ckeck REST friendly app framework
  • ckeck Simple Integration into existing library

Why Mango IT Solutions?

Explore why solution seekers
in over 70+ countries choose MangoIT Solution?

As a trusted web development company, we offer top-rated eCommerce website development services helping you get the best Return-On-Investment (ROI). We ensure to include the most advanced technology and in-depth research in building your eCommerce store or website.

Grounded with a powerful business strategy, our eCommerce application development solutions are designed to provide enhanced customer experience to our clients. Here is how we will serve success to you :-

100% Customer Satisfaction

We create delightful customer experiences with outstanding services and top-notch product delivery making us the best eCommerce web development company.

Timely delivery

Our promise to meet deadlines has been consistently maintained for the past 14+ years helping us earn our clients’ trust.

Mobile-Responsive eCommerce Solution

Get a highly customized mobile-friendly eCommerce store developed to let your customers access your store easily across various platforms.

Post Production Support

Our post launch aid and 24*7 support services will help you effortlessly solve all eCommerce store problems guiding you on every step helping you focus on business growth.

Affordable Pricing

We provide excellent services under affordable pricing that has helped us earn a reputable position among our clients.

Advanced Technical Expertise

Our understanding of advanced technology clubbed with expert development skills has helped us create competitive solutions for our clients.

Inspiring Designs and Layouts

Get beautiful designs and customized layouts suiting your business persona and create an effective online presence.

SEO-friendly eCommerce website

Get highly interactive SEO-friendly eCommerce web stores helping you rank on search engines skyrocketing business sales.

Our AngularJS Development Services

  • AngularJS Web Development
  • AngularJS Mobile App Development
  • AngularJS Frontend Development
  • AngularJS Application Development
  • AngularJS UI/UX Development
  • AngularJS Consulting Services
  • AngularJS ECommerce Development
  • Angular 6 Development
  • Angular Programming
  • AngularJS Migration Services
  • AngularJS Plugins & Components Development
  • AngularJS Upgradation
  • AngularJS Customization Services
  • AngularJS Portal Development
  • AngularJS Enterprise Application Development
  • AngularJS Social And Interactive App Development
  • AngularJS Game Development
  • Angular 2 Development
  • Enterprise Angular 2 Mobile App Development
  • Angular 4 Development
  • Angular 5 Development
  • Angular Single Page Application Development
  • Angular Software Development
  • Angular Web App Template Development


We can begin with you sharing a brief description of your project. You can either call or mail us for the same. Our Magento developers or experts will then approach you.
This approach would aim to know more about your business goals and determine an ideal way to execute it.

When the payment is performed, it will take approx. 3-5 days of head time to register the start date.

True. Like all other classified employees, the developer you hire will work full-time (8 hours a day, five days a week), assigning it only to you.

Certainly, Yes, you can choose the developer as your offshore employee to work on any of your current/various project specifications.

Overall savings may differ. It can be from 30%, contrasted to the traditional project-based outsourcing model, and up to 60%, compared to in-house development. Furthermore, there are no infrastructure, benefits, or payroll tax expenses.

Mango IT Solutions is your ‘one-stop’ technology partner for web and app development requirements. Mango IT has a magnificent industry experience and a single-minded specialist unit to deliver productive and scalable solutions to you. Additionally, You can share your contact details on our website, and our sales team will unite with you in the next 24 business hours.

A web app developed under the AngularJS framework timescale is subjected to the app’s specifications, features, and complexity. It would be the best if you connected with our business analyst for the tentative timeframe

Mango IT grants you versatile ways to pay according to your needs and project necessities. You can pick from our various engagement models to further information connected with our business experts.

Absolutely yes, once you hire us for your development project, you will be allocated a dedicated project manager. Your project manager will be looking after your project necessities and take feedback for healthier development.

By all means, you are authorized to select developers from our talent pool. We will share the profiles/portfolios of developers. We hire developers with at least 5+ years of industry experience and proven record to provide our clients’ best resources.

Indeed, we have an SLA or Service Level Agreement to secure you the best service and unique deliverables for our clients.

At Mango IT Solutions, we believe in providing a longer association with our clients. We offer website/app maintenance service and support to you. Also, we offer exceptional support plans as post-development services; you can get more information from your consultant.


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