UI/UX Designing

Mango IT Solutions has always strived to provide its customers with simple, user-friendly, and intuitive solutions. As a result, improving user experience is one of our UX/UI development team’s top priorities when developing apps.

Provides Responsive UI/UX

Designers at Mango IT Solutions have gained vast expertise and abilities while creating web application solutions. Because our
comprehensive knowledge is based on various built CRM systems for corporations and startups.

UX Design Services

Creating the application’s roadmap and structuring the content so that users can find it quickly and simply.

UI Concept Creation

We produce a distinctive UI design for the future product based on the latest design trends and market study results (color schemes, layout, typography, etc.)

Web User Interface Development

Mango IT Solutions has a diverse portfolio of web apps with strong UX/UI design, which aids in user retention and gives the best possible user experience within a browser.

Mobile App UI Development

Our company provides excellent UX/UI design services for both Android and iOS mobile applications by utilizing mobile user interface development tools.

UX/UI Development Services for Cross-platform Apps

In creating UX/UI design for a cross-platform application, we ensure the unity of visual style across all the platforms.

Desktop App UI Design and Development

We create responsive desktop applications that seamlessly perform on any operating system and in any environment.

User Interface Technologies and Tools


Adobe Xd

Adobe photoshop


adobe Illustrator






Our UI/UX Development Process

Prototype & wireframe

A wireframe is a sketch of the future app's appearance (structure, content placing, page functionality). A prototype depicts the product flow and how it will function.

Graphic design

Developing the overall visual style of the program, including color schemes, elements, typefaces, and so on.


All design materials are being transferred to the development team for further execution.

Why Choose us

Mango IT Solutions is a growing emerging technology firm that develops cutting-edge web, mobile, and
desktop applications fully-tailored to your need & circumstances.


We ensure that the concepts and services we provide are perfectly tailor-fitted to your needs. You can rest assured that the solutions we give meet your specific requirements and current circumstances.


We truly understand and appreciate the difficulties our clients are facing. That is why we offered lowered prices than the industry’s traditional companies through our streamlined processes.


Among our top priorities is ensuring that all of our deliverables are compatible with your existing systems and solutions. Our team thoroughly brainstorms all the cutting-edge designs we deliver. We are also very much open to working along with our clients’ suggestions.


Our technology competency guarantees that we can deliver a durable and long-lasting product. We are looking forward to establishing a long-term relationship with our clients. Therefore, we want to provide services that can withstand the real test of time.

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