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Mango IT Solutions believes that the strength of an organization depends upon the strength of its relationship with clients, customers, partners, and vendors.

Our Partnership Program

Mango IT Solution provides 3 distinct partnership programs. Each of these programs is tailored appropriately to cover varied business needs and accumulate diverse partner profiles.

Transition your Business to gain high Profits

Intensify your Delivering Capacity

Deliver Extended Range of Services to Customers

Lower Project Costs

Guarantee Access to Authorized Experts

Why Partner With Us?

Mango IT Solutions has continuously created excellence in delivering the most affordable services as a web development company and a reputed web designing firm. We provide exemplary services and benefits to our partners. We are known for nurturing long-term relationships with our partners and clients. Here is what you will get when you associate with us.

Outstanding Value

Our excellent approach towards work-ethics assures the finest combination of quality and price. Mango IT Solutions has an in-house team for web designing and also a team for digital marketing services. Not only that, you get an in-house team for web development too. Our partners from the USA, India, and other countries have got leading and prominent support from these experts.


Our team of leading web developers, designers, and digital marketers are available at the most efficient price to deliver world-class services as a web development company. With everything available at a single place, you are assured of authentic and reliable experience with customized web designing services that are cost-effective. Our highly affordable web development packages will help you have your business dreams come true.

Flexible and Expandable Services ​

Why pay for the extra timeline for an ongoing contract even if there is no work done? Select the web development package most suitable to your needs. With us, you get scalable and the most convenient web designing services without any extra contractual charges. So pay only for the services you avail – no extra payment here and there.

Extraordinary Quality and Remarkable Experience

For most US businesses, the main obstacle to offshore outsourcing is quality. JD Softtech addresses that concern with a blanket guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction. We promise to deliver projects as expected while adhering to the highest degree of professionalism.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

We have an excellent support team helping you whenever you need it. Not only do we curate the finest and highly innovative web designing solutions, we also provide unmatchable support too. You will also get the best digital marketing services and support from us. Our partners, clients, customers from the USA, India, and other major countries have rated us the best for our services.

Exclusive Project Manager

Our project manager brings the most innovative and creative approach to the table with years of expertise. Our partners and clients from India, USA, UK have had the most prominent experience with us. Each and every step of the development process is monitored so that you get the best solution, always.


We craft fantastic web designing solutions keeping in mind the clients’ needs and combining our own expertise. As a promising web development company in India, Mango IT Solutions have a huge client base from countries such as the USA, Germany, UK, Italy, France and other countries worldwide. As having a client-focused approach, we listen to our partners and clients to ensure what is needed is delivered.

Face-to-Face Meetings

Not every single query and discussion can be done on phone call or video call. We believe to give you the best services and discuss issues in person. Get your questions answered and queries resolved with a face-to-face discussion with our dedicated project manager. Contact Us today and we will figure it all for you.

For our clients, we have created various engagement models. You can make your selection based on your budget and preferences. Select any of the models discussed below, and we’re ready to go!

  • Models of engagement based on your preferences
  • All models are created after examining the elements that clients consider.
  • Rest assured of incomparable services for any of the models

This engagement strategy is used when the project’s resources and time allocation cannot be forecasted at the outset. It is appropriate for a project that is always changing with new requirements. You can also employ the time & material engagement approach when working with projects that are complicated yet have a strong potential for growth in the near future. Time and material engagement approaches have recently gained significance among other engagement methods. The reason for this is that it gives you greater control over the development process and costs by eliminating the need for an informed guess at ultimate costs and the high likelihood of more pricey alterations.


  • Gives you the added benefit of paying simply in parts and only for the task done;
  • Ideal for large and long-term projects when the ultimate outcome cannot be predicted at the outset;
  • Because there is no need to create the final criteria, the development process is conceptualized early.
  • The client has complete control over the project and sole authority to add or approve tasks that can be completed on demand.
  • Specifications and upgrades can be negotiated at any stage of the project.

Hiring a developer through the Dedicated offshore Developer model is the most effective strategy to reduce development costs for your project. This allows you to handpick your own specialized developers and benefit from cost, quality, and flexibility. You have command of your team and can keep track of the project’s progress. In contrast to the constraints imposed by the fixed cost model per-project basis, the dedicated developer model is highly advantageous and results in high-quality output. Hire specialized developers on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis to obtain high-quality software development at a low cost.

  • Reliability\Prompt Solution implementation
  • Nominal investment in keeping an in-house development staff or infrastructure Core business requirements
  • Every requirement receives dedicated support.
  • Telephone, email, Skype, and fax Interaction with the resources
  • 24-hour connectivity
  • Manpower utilization flexibility
  • Regular Project Updates

Mango IT Solutions has an offshore workforce that develops software that is accurate, efficient, and cost-effective. Throughout the project’s life cycle, we have a reciprocal partnership.

This strategy provides our customers with advantages in terms of quality, efficiency, and cost savings. We can provide 24×7 availability and productivity in collaboration with the client’s staff.

The offshore team is dedicated to advancing your interests on a daily basis. The benefits are obvious for small to mid-size firms who frequently lack the ability to edge with an offshore development team, as well as for enterprise customers in need of cost-effective, qualified employees to build software and handle project obligations.


  • Assistance in the choice of the appropriate business model for your needs.
  • Transparency and control over the development process are provided.
  • Maintain flexibility and be prepared for IT outsourcing “black swans” like as hidden expenses, potential legal concerns, and so on.
  • Prioritize quality.
  • Enhances New Business Partnerships

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