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Transform your eCommerce store dream into reality with our affordable Magento web development services. We help businesses like you from all over the world and create their impact online.

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The world is changing, and so is the way businesses function. Online is the new trend today, and this is where your business should be. Magento is the most incredible way any company or business can have its presence online. Magento platform built on open source technology and It also offers powerful digital marketing features, tools for managing catalogues, and Search Engine Optimization services.

 Mango IT Solutions is  recognized to provide and deliver high-quality Magento development services at a very affordable cost. Over the past 15+ years, our Magento developers has produced and maintained thousands of successful Magento eCommerce based stores for all fast-growing and large businesses.


Our Magento Development Services

Hire magento developers

Get exclusive Magento web development services and take your brand online flawlessly. Our Magento Developers create an interactive eCommerce platform that brings delight to your customers.

Magento Ecommerce development

Get highly customized and effective Magento eCommerce solutions curated exclusively to match your business needs. An eye-catchy and detail-oriented Ecommerce store just designed the way you desire

Magento Enterprise Development

Get tremendously interactive, flexible, promotional, and efficient eCommerce store for your enterprise. We provide cost-effectively and regularly updated Magento features with the best support to help your business scale high.

Migrate to magento 2

Migrate your Magento 1 platform to a highly updated and efficient Magento 2 store seamlessly. We offer incredibly top-notch Magento Migration services to help you stay updated as per the current technical needs.

Magento Extension Development

Transform your Magento eCommerce store into an online selling machine with our custom Magento extension development services for both Magento 1 and Magento 2

Magento Support and Maintenance

Get customized and exclusive Magento  eCommerce Store and Website Maintenance services with 24×7 support and maintenance at an affordable price.

Our Position in Magento

Delivering the best services requires commitment, dedication, and experience. With hands-on experience in Magento Theme Design and Development and Magento Programming, Mango IT Solutions offer you the best services. We have worked on Magento-specific projects for clients worldwide.

You can achieve a fully featured Magento Ecommerce store by utilising the Magento Web Development Services offered by Mango IT Solutions. We helped businesses reach their highest potential. Our certified Magento developers deliver smart solutions tailored to suit your business needs.

Mango IT Solutions is an expert and craft solutions with Magento, WordPress, Shopify, OpenCart, Prestashop, Digital Marketing, and Social Media Marketing services. We are one of the best Magento development service provider companies in India and the USA.

Key Benefits of
magento development


Runs multiple store-fronts for numerous brands from the single back-end


Follows university accepted security standards and many vital protection criteria


Magento facilitates various product catalogs


Magento gives an online store bigger space for custom integration


Improved SEO functionalities & implementation to attract traffic


Provides multiple payment gateways to make an apt choice


Facilitates easy management of vendor and vendor accounts


API framework provides means to use web services with Magento system

Our Technical Expertise In Magento

Our expertise covers all the features of Magento eCommerce development and the technologies that help us deliver an inventive and the most effective Magento websites to our clients. We have successfully delivered profitable Magento eCommerce stores for some of the very big brands in The US market. Mango IT Solutions involves experienced Magento Developers, who can handle any projects starting from installation, template integration, configuration, plug-in development, multi-store facilities, complete automation, and customization.

Along with being skilled and proficient, our Magento developers have 15+ years of experience in working within several different versions of Magento including the most current version of Magento 2.3. 

Let’s Work Together And Take Your Ecommerce Business On

An Innovative Journey

What Makes Our Magento development Team Stand Out?

We focus on more than the cosmetics of a website. We aren’t thoroughly complete with a Magento Development project until it’s converting and helping you build your business. Our promise to you is a partnership – our relationship is fueled by the success of your business. Simply creating a stunning website isn’t enough in today’s era, you’ll need to have a marketing focus in mind or be prepared for failure.



Reach out to us with your specifications. We will look at your requirements firmly and understand your project and the precise resources you expect.


We will share the best fitting candidate’s profile. From your end, you require to choose the skilled developers who can assist you in fulfilling your goals.


We have a stretchy hiring model and engagement model. There you can choose any competent model.


Our payment systems are secure and straightforward. Make the payment and kickstart your projects from that right moment.

Magento Services Offered By Us

  • Magento Ecommerce Website Development
  • Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration​
  • Magento Version Upgrade​
  • Magento Support & Maintenance
  • Promotions & Online Marketing​
  • Custom Magento Programming
  • ERP & Drop-shipper Integration
  • Magento Extension Development
  • Magento Performance Optimization
  • Magento Extension Customization
  • Magento Theme Design & development
  • Payment Gateway & Shipping Integration
  • Magento 2 website design & Development
  • Third-Party API Integrations (REST, SOAP, JSON)
  • Magento Multi-Store Development


Our Projects

  • Aelix

  • Compunnel Healthcare

  • Formee

  • Intelligent Healthcare Decision Support System

  • Intelligent Travel Recommendation and Booking Platform

  • IOT based smart lock system

  • IoT-Enabled Smart Automotive and Driver Monitoring system

  • Personalized Learning Recommendation Engine

  • Psychic Element

  • Smart Inventory Management System

  • Staffline Pro

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It is an eCommerce platform that is built and written in PHP. Magento is created on open source technology and is widely used all over the world today. It is easy to use, and the platform caters to the needs of all.

Magento is created by the company Varien and is an open-source CMS for eCommerce. It uses the Zend PHP framework and MySQL database. Magento is a highly effective CMS (Content Management System) that helps businesses build their online presence using high-end functionalities and rich features.

Magento is a mighty CMS that lets you have full control of your eCommerce store. Its highly effective modular architecture allows efficient workflow of business processes, making it the most adamant choice of businesses worldwide.

Magento, since its launch in the year 2008, has been tremendously used all over the world. Businesses in the USA, France, UK, India, Germany are increasingly using it. Magento is popular due to its ease of use and highly customizable features. It helps create world-class eCommerce stores using Magento.

Magento incorporates the HTML5 platform to increase mobile optimization keeping the mobile design standards high. The use of Magento in Mobile makes the customer experience enriching. Also, Magento is highly SEO friendly and is updated timely with all the latest factors essential for SEO ranking.

Yes, Magento takes minimal page loading time and stands out as a Winner in the fastest eCommerce stores. The customization ability of Magento results in high performance reducing the loading time of web pages.

Magento provides some exclusive features used to create tailored solutions for your business. Magento offers popular features such as best tools for Marketing and eCommerce store Promotion, Site, Products and Order Management services, International Customer Support, Reporting as well as Analytics and SEO services, among many others.

Yes, Magento is highly secure and adequately reliable. Due to its increased popularity worldwide, Magento creators have taken all appropriate measures to ensure that Magento remains safe and error-free.

Magento being open source, is highly customizable and user friendly. It is flexible and easily scalable. It also lets you make the changes quickly and helps in meeting the complete requirements of businesses. SEO friendliness is another advantage of Magento that makes it the most available technology to build eCommerce stores.

Magento gives brands the flexibility of creating unique, customizable, and world-class eCommerce stores. Also, businesses have the freedom to choose the hosting services that best suit them. Mobile responsiveness, reliability, and security are added features of Magento that make it the most preferred business choice.


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