A lightweight JavaScript framework for developing agile and scalable network applications

Mango IT Solutions is a top NodeJS development company with a focus on web and mobile. NodeJS is known for its scalable, productive, and design-friendly features. It is an asynchronous event-driven JavaScript runtime environment. We embrace Node.JS technicalities and extend an end-to-end solution to our clients at competitive market pricing.

Scale your web app with an experienced Node JS development company

Our unit of qualified Node.js developers can build profoundly customizable & scalable applications efficiently. We take pride in making sure that our solutions excel your expectations. At Mango IT Solutions, we are creating real-time, function-rich, scalable website apps. We also support reinforcing your website and mobile platforms with our secure, business-driven web and mobile apps. Moreover, Strengthen the back-end with event-driven & speedy Node.js development services. Hire our experienced Node.js developers today!

Our Node JS Development Services

Custom App Development

We are a pre-eminent Node JS Development Company and our highly experienced Node.js developers strive to deliver tailor-made websites packed with scalability, unbreachable security, and dynamic features.

UX/UI App Developers

Mango IT Solutions houses a pool of talented Node.js professionals with a decade of industry experience in building innovative and visually appealing UX/UI.

Web & API Integration

Employ our Node.js developers to help you build APIs and embed them in an extensive range of web applications.

App Consulting

Mango IT Solutions, a top-ranking Node JS Development Company imparts consultation services for Node.js application development, upgrading, deployment, and customization.

App Migration

Take advantage of our hassle-free, seamless app migration services, and shift your present applications to Node.js with complete ease.

E-commerce App Development

We help you develop extremely reliable, secure, and receptive Node.js e-commerce applications with incredible e-shopping carts.

Advanced Programming

Our team develops feature-rich mobile applications linked with exceptional functionality using the latest Node.js programming languages.

Custom Programming

With our Node.js custom programming services, we offer our clients personalized solutions and ensure that all their business requirements are met.

24/7 Support & Maintenance

Mango IT Solutions experienced Node.js developers are available 24/7 to provide maintenance and other web apps and mobile apps-related support.

Why Do You Need Custom NodeJS Web Application Development?

At Mango IT Solutions, our veteran experts deliver customer-centric Node.js mobile app development solutions to a wide range of global clients. From small-scale enterprises to large-scale organizations, every type of business can reap the benefits of Node.js, which helps create secure and scalable web applications.

Exceptional Speed

Node.js is a flexible technology that contributes not only impressive speed but incredible functionality.

Real-time Authorization

Node.js has an array of features that permits you to build apps with real-time authorization.

Faster Database Management

Using Node.js supports, you develop a more assertive communication network by solving database issues in no time.

Diverse Database

Node.js has the potential to resolve all CouchDB and MongoDB queries without disrupting other syntaxes. It further manages problems adequately.

Complete Package

Node.js is equipped with an essential package that grants mobile app developers an extensive range of functions.

Access to Recent Updates

Developers who are part of the Node.js community gets real-time updates to the framework.

JavaScript Everywhere

Node.js can be used not just for client-side scripting but additionally for server-side scripting.

High Scalability

Node.js is exceptionally scalable due to its ability to control many connections simultaneously with high throughput.

Handle Versatile Connections

Our Node.js applications operate in a non-blocking manner and simultaneously manage a substantial amount of connections.

Being a top Node.JS development company, we are well-supported by our talented team of skilled Node.js developers, who can feed to your project requirements to understand the freshest and high-speed technology.

We use some of the latest technologies like Sail.js to apply complex functionalities, TypeScript for secure & advanced coding, for developing real-time applications, & much more. Our team is also proficient in Express.js, the server-side web & mobile application framework for Node.JS.

Mango IT’s mission is to find the architecture for growth & productivity to make our clients’ business sustainable. Our decade’s worth of experience means that we have worked with diverse industry verticals & can deliver solutions that will navigate your business to new heights.

Why Is Node.Js A Good Choice For Back-End Development?

While using a common language for both clients- and the server-side, synchronization takes place at a quicker speed, which is crucial for event-based application development and real-time applications. With features like asynchronous, non-blocking, and single-threaded nature, Node.js best fulfills the necessity of online gaming, video conferences, chats, etc. (whenever updated data is required). Besides app performance, productivity is also raised. Using the same language, developers can reuse code on the front-end and back-end by creating the new level of abstraction and wrapping it into modules.

Node.js is lightweight technology; it is regarded as the best option for microservices architecture. Therefore, breaking the application logic into small fragments or modules always allows better flexibility and lay the groundwork for further growth. Consequently, it becomes easier to add more microservices on the top of the existing one to blend extra features with the basic app functionality.

The community of Node.Js developers is very dynamic and continuously contributes to Node.Js improvement. Moreover, JavaScript programmers’ corporation allows users to access tons of available solutions and codes in Github. So the community is emerging with the advancing technology.

NPM is a default Node.js package manager that acts as a marketplace for open-source JavaScript tools. To date, approximately 350,000 tools are available in the NPM registry, and over 10,000 new ones are published every week, making the Node.js ecosystem rich. These tools are being used by developers based on the number of weekly packages downloads.

Representational state transfer (REST) APIs are used extensively in server-side architecture and are essential in making microservices work. ExpressJS (another JavaScript framework) combined with Node allows for building responsive, lightweight, and efficient APIs of this kind.

Single-page applications (SPAs) are an excellent option for NodeJS work because pages can be rendered on the server before this happens in the browser. The user ultimately gets to see the content faster. This advantage is often compared to the abilities displayed by React and Angular.

The input/output model used by NodeJS makes it very handy for streaming. In precise, active connections enable users to upload and download data simultaneously rather than take process turns.

Online games ordinarily include a large number of connections that few runtime environments are equipped to handle. That one is built to manage such situations, facilitating fast synchronization of data between the client and server and even allowing players to engage in multiplayer modes.

That is another type of solution that strikes to the strengths of the framework. When NodeJS is deployed with the right web sockets, even the most popular and active chats will function as expected, handling the massive traffic and maintaining great message delivery speed.

Node JS Development Services we offer

  • PSD to NodeJS Development
  • NodeJS Mobile App Development
  • NodeJS Interactive UX/UI Development
  • NodeJS eCommerce Development
  • NodeJS Backend Development
  • NodeJS Native App development
  • NodeJS API Development & Integration
  • NodeJS AJAX Development
  • NodeJS QA and Testing
  • NodeJS Support, Maintenance and Optimization
  • NodeJS Website Development
  • NodeJS Portal Development
  • NodeJS Plug-in/Module Development
  • NodeJS Custom Widget Development
  • NodeJS System Monitoring Dashboard Development
  • NodeJS Cross Platform Development
  • NodeJS Forms & Landing Pages Creation
  • NodeJS Enterprise Development
  • Hire Dedicated NodeJS Developers
  • NodeJS Web App Development
  • NodeJS IoT App Development
  • NodeJS Real Time Application Development
  • NodeJS Customization
  • NodeJS Cloud Development
  • NodeJS Server Side Development
  • NodeJS CMS Implementation
  • NodeJS Migration & Upgradation
  • NodeJS Consultation

Why Mango IT Solutions?

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As a trusted web development company, we offer top-rated eCommerce website development services helping you get the best Return-On-Investment (ROI). We ensure to include the most advanced technology and in-depth research in building your eCommerce store or website.

Grounded with a powerful business strategy, our eCommerce application development solutions are designed to provide enhanced customer experience to our clients. Here is how we will serve success to you :-

100% Customer Satisfaction

We create delightful customer experiences with outstanding services and top-notch product delivery making us the best eCommerce web development company.

Timely delivery

Our promise to meet deadlines has been consistently maintained for the past 14+ years helping us earn our clients’ trust.

Mobile-Responsive eCommerce Solution

Get a highly customized mobile-friendly eCommerce store developed to let your customers access your store easily across various platforms.

Post Production Support

Our post launch aid and 24*7 support services will help you effortlessly solve all eCommerce store problems guiding you on every step helping you focus on business growth.

Affordable Pricing

We provide excellent services under affordable pricing that has helped us earn a reputable position among our clients.

Advanced Technical Expertise

Our understanding of advanced technology clubbed with expert development skills has helped us create competitive solutions for our clients.

Inspiring Designs and Layouts

Get beautiful designs and customized layouts suiting your business persona and create an effective online presence.

SEO-friendly eCommerce website

Get highly interactive SEO-friendly eCommerce web stores helping you rank on search engines skyrocketing business sales.


Node.js is utilized to develop programs and web-applications that are technically comfortable to access but are frequently used by the end-users.

Node’s use is for building web-apps like video-streaming sites, developing: Real-time app, networking apps, general-purpose apps, etc.

So, you should select a Node JS Development Company for building secure and scalable applications.

A single-threaded language that accepts multiple threads in the back-end to fulfill asynchronously code. It can execute numerous cores at the same time in the back-end.

Node.js is a compelling and convenient technology to craft world-class real-time web-applications. Node.js Development Services makes usage of JavaScript that is the modern and popular way of preparing any web-apps. The feasible way to create an app using Node.js is by blending JavaScript and other programming languages such as PHP, Ruby, Python, etc.

Our QA team of node js development in India performs testing once; the application is well-developed. The team does healthy testing that enhances the performance and removes the system-glitch. We analyze and implement testing of any project compulsorily as it gives in-depth knowledge about any glitch or non-performance of an application.

Being a JavaScript, a scripting language, node.js, and an ajax perform different functions-

1) AJAX is a client-side server tech that is only used to update the content page without refreshing. The trending web-apps are Facebook & Stack chat app that is built using AJAX technology.

2) Node.js, a server-side JavaScript that develops server software but wouldn’t want to create a client-side database system but presently, it is possible with Node.js as it helps develop it.

An asynchronous and event-driven technology that helps in developing magnificent websites. Also, it is a super-fast and convenient technology that is efficient and quick in code execution. Furthermore, it is a single-threaded but very scalable technology that doesn’t take much time in loading the page.

At Mango IT Solutions, Our ingenious developers have more than 8+ years of experience developing any project using traditional and modern technologies as per the client’s interest. With the year, we have grown, and so do the skills for node js development services that have helped us bond stronger relationships with clients across the border.

Most of the Node.js Development Company nowadays obtain the use of Github / Bitbucket for source code management and version control.

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