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An advanced New-Generation Web Development Company. We create exemplary solutions for all your business needs.

About Mango IT Solutions

Mango IT Solutions is an Agile software development company working to create an effective online presence with the help of tailored web solutions.

Our hard work and commitment to provide seamless quality to our clients has helped us win their trust. As an experienced web and ecommerce development company with 16+ years of expertise, we create web solutions to cover all our client’s business demands.

We combine the most advanced technology with proficiency to deliver excellent web and eCommerce development solutions for you.

Our Experience

Our clientele spans in countries like the USA, India, UK, France, Germany, South Africa, Italy, and many others worldwide. 

Mango IT Solutions is known for delivering web and eCommerce solutions based products and services that are highly advanced and are carved with a blend of creativity and technology.

Why Mango IT Solutions?

With an experience of 16+ years, we deliver quality and reliability to our clients. We craft customized solutions as per the needs of your business. Our interactive web and ecommerce development solutions have helped our clients climb the ladder of success in an agile way. 

Mango IT Solutions holds your hand through the entire journey from planning to web development to completion of your perfectly developed website.

We have helped countries from all over the world – clients grow tremendously. With us, you get a perfect blend of experience and creativity. We help you to get complete guidance to select the type of service suitable for your business.

The web and ecommerce development is done by our expert developers in their fields. With Mango IT Solutions, you get a satisfactory return on your investment, every time. Bringing business online with the help of websites and an eCommerce store has never been so easy before. And with us, you are 200% assured.

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Mango IT Values

Process Oriented

At Mango, we pride ourselves on being a process-oriented company which means every single team follows set processes to ensure that high quality work is delivered to you every single time.

Smart Working

We believe in smart work, which means we find the most effective and efficient ways to complete our tasks and projects, while managing time and quality. It doesn’t get any better than this! For our clients, our way of smart work ensures high quality work delivered in a timely manner. For our staff, smart work enables them to develop innovative and creative thinking skills that help them choose the best way to get things done.


We are big on growth i.e the growth of our customers, our staff and the company. We believe that consistent growth should be the purpose of all business activity that we undertake.

Customer Satisfaction

We endeavor to provide the absolute best experience a customer can have with us. We ensure transparency in our work by keeping our customers constantly updated with the timelines, cost and progress made with their project. We ensure communication channels are always open and our work timings are centered around the customer’s time zone.

Good Work Culture

We put in a constant effort into creating and maintaining a good work with our focus around people, on greenery, natural light and lots of space per person. Our leaders are trained to coach their teams as opposed to being their ‘boss’. There is a healthy encouragement of team members being open about their suggestions with the team leaders. We strive to continue adding more elements that will refine our work culture even more.

Work-Life Balance

Balance of Growth and Time spent or tension taken for this growth, be it limiting technology exposure, client work expectations or travel

We believe that happy people produce good work. We focus on creating a work-life balance that benefits the team and the company too with a five day work culture, a flexible leave policy and a hybrid working model. We encourage cycling to work to promote our teams’ physical well-being. As the corporate culture of the world evolves, we continue to add new ways of keeping this work-life balance alive.

Our Agile Development Process

Mango IT solutions is top-notch if it is built with Agile methodology. Mango IT Solutions employs the Agile Project development methodology certifying the project quality. The project is broken down into informative manageable steps to track the web application or app development process. The entire project lifecycle is shared with the client and each phase of the process is presented to the client before moving on to the next one.

Beginning the agile process, the first phase starts with the analysis of the tangible end-product, discussing the risk factors, gathering complete project needs, and scheduling a timeline.

This step involves the creation of storyboards for the end-product. These graphic product representations are created for apps, eCommerce websites, web applications, etc. The client’s feedback is taken post storyboard creation

A prototype is created next to the client’s approval on the storyboard. After testing the prototype across mobile devices, concrete platforms, and browsers – feedback and suggestions are taken from the client to work on product improvement.

Post documentation, confirmation, and finalization of the project checklist which includes third party usable components and payment processes; the programming phase starts. Based on the client’s needs and deliverables, a programming language is chosen.

Programming and quality assurance phases operate in correspondence. Each programming script and module is tested using an intense testing process either with manual or automated test procedures, by the test engineers.

The product is tested with the client’s data at the client’s side with the product being used by the test customers in production environments to determine its effectiveness.

Deployment checklist including public web pages’ search engine optimization, SSL Certificate setup, affixing security procedures is followed and the eCommerce product is set up to go live.

Complete support and maintenance are provided in case of product and service failures. We help you tackle every single issue post the product goes live. The product can be upgraded on your request and customized as per your needs.

Industries We Serve

By serving 1500+ clients worldwide and researching industry demands from closer proximity, we can ensure you intelligent industry-specific mobile applications that are packed with advanced features, faster, secure like never before and ultimately, able to pave their path into users’ smartphones and win app marketplace.

Education & learning

Travel and Hospitality

Retail & E-Commerce

Social Networking

Sports and Gaming


Enterprise & Business

Entertainment & Media



Real Estate & Housing

Events & Ticketing

B2B/B2C Portal



Banking and Finance

Food & Beverage



Our Projects

  • 98thpercentile

  • Aelix

  • Airrobe

  • Amzguard

  • Aneto tiles

  • Archinect

  • arclube

  • Artemishq

  • Avacare medical

  • black book fashion

  • Brewexpress

  • BtoTree

  • Car Covers

  • Cardbuilder+

  • ClickBid

  • Color Theory Rocks

  • Compunnel Healthcare

  • Criticalthinking

  • Deal coach

  • Do Something Good

  • Eventuri

  • Evolveautomotive

  • Eyeplastics

  • Flowz

  • Formee

  • Gecko jewellery

  • Get tech

  • Giniartw

  • goisco

  • Gunillaofsweden

  • Hannoush

  • Hanro

  • Holiday House Deals

  • Home Clearance

  • i-Blason

  • Inkifi

  • Inspirefm

  • Intelligent Healthcare Decision Support System

  • Intelligent Travel Recommendation and Booking Platform

  • Interhampers

  • IOT based smart lock system

  • IoT-Enabled Smart Automotive and Driver Monitoring system

  • ItemForge

  • Itunlock.

  • Juniperridge

  • Jwdevelopingsolutions

  • kalinkaoptics

  • ladoun

  • lebada

  • Magazine circle

  • Marcheducoin

  • Medtechholdings

  • Megazone

  • Muau

  • My Germany

  • Nashville Brighthouse

  • Natures source

  • Nimbus Data

  • Obliq

  • Office beacon

  • Ohgs

  • Opticians club

  • Palem brand

  • Perionyc

  • Personalized Learning Recommendation Engine

  • Pixja

  • Portal Correio

  • Power Concepts

  • Promotional IT

  • Psychic Element

  • Qidz

  • Rich Fashion

  • S-Verein

  • sesa

  • Sessions CA

  • Shaker

  • Smart Inventory Management System

  • Snaplap

  • Staffline Pro

  • Studsandspikes

  • Sydney luggage

  • The Fishworks

  • The Project Garment

  • Thefantasybox

  • Therollingsquare

  • Time piece bank

  • Tineon

  • Total Beauty Supplies

  • Ucatering

  • Ucollect

  • Uiin

  • Upaknship

  • Valley vintner

  • Vinohub

  • WeChalet

  • Wel comemeds

  • WideWalls

  • Willhire

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