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Every Challenge is an Opportunity in Disguise

We are being forced into the World’s largest work from home experiment and it hasn’t been easy, but we sailed through like skilled sailors in turbulent seas.

Mango IT has always cared its employees like a big extended family!

We give our employees an opportunity to work from home ensuring employee’s safety and criticalities at the need of the hour however ensuring business continuity but more effectively and productively.

Our work from home policies

​Transitioning from an In-Office team to a fully functioning Remote team seemed seamless. The employee-oriented and health-focused approach of the organization strengthened our bond even further!!​


A dedicated work place and necessary setup with a Machine, Internet, Headphones


Employees get dressed just like they do for office to get into right frame of mind


Even when we are working from home, we ensure that we work business as usual


Real time reporting centrally maintained using Project Management Tools


We take regular breaks to maintain our most productive selves & eat proper meals


We ensure viewing confidential information on secure devices, VPN and access to authorized personnel

[email protected] IT Solutions

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Maintaining communications through wfh

Discipline is the key to Work from home and a wonderful opportunity but time and communication management can be a challenging! Staying connected to your colleagues always helps in remote working culture; only simple steps proves it worth a while.

We worked on something that we really cared about,

We didn’t have to be pushed the Vision pulled us.​

​Being at Mango IT and working from Home; couldn’t have been easier with our Process-driven approach, Project management tools, communication channels and high level of Trust has brought us even closer!! Keeping ourselves safe at Home, working in full capacities and high productivities doing seamless Web developments​.

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