10 High-Engagement B2B LinkedIn Content Ideas for 2021


LinkedIn is one of the best places to attract a B2B audience and engage with them. But it has a distinct culture, and it’s not Facebook or Instagram nor Twitter. If you desire to accomplish well on LinkedIn, you’ll require customising the content and use high engaging LinkedIn Content Ideas for you posts to please the LinkedIn audience. LinkedIn has more than 550 million users and continuously stands as the most trusted social network out of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and SnapChat. 


LinkedIn’s audience is inherently less receptive to the whim of Facebook or Instagram. Users usually go there with one of two particular purposes:


Discover relevant content that helps the viewer’s career or somehow serves their ability within a given industry. No one’s impenetrable to distraction, but you don’t have to bombard the feeds with vacation photos or a funny cat video on a professional networking site. 


Share high-quality content to make yourselves more visible to considered employers, industry partners, etc.


Companies who take Social Media seriously can drive extensive awareness for their business and develop a direct relationship with their target audience over LinkedIn. Yet, publishing content on LinkedIn is half the run, but to know how to create unique and mind-blowing content that influences your readers to take action is essential. 


Here are the 10 High-Engaging LinkedIn Content Ideas:


1. Original Long-Form Content or blog posts


Linkedin content writing section


It is effortless to write and publish your original content or blog post on LinkedIn by merely clicking on start a post. If there is something extra you want to share with your audience, click “Write an article” on your feed.


Sharing unique content on LinkedIn is an excellent way to get exposure for yourself and your company profile. Drafting articles unlocks you to an enthusiastic audience of content consumers. By registering on LinkedIn, you add your thoughts to a network of actively interested individuals in the services you are offering. This approach can make you seen as a specialist in your niche and boost your professional reputation.


Essential Points 

  • When sharing your company’s blog content on LinkedIn, you should include a teaser text, and not merely a hyperlink and feature image.
  • If you are posting on LinkedIn, you need to publish the content on your blog first. It might be difficult for Google to identify which piece of content is the original and impact your website’s SEO.
  • Two thousand words of content deliver better results than shorter ones when posting through LinkedIn’s article-publishing platform.
  • The maximum length for a LinkedIn news feed is 1,300 characters, equivalent to 200-250 words. So, a compelling point in fewer words would be the best practice.


2. Video-based LinkedIn Content Ideas


Video-based LinkedIn Content Ideas


Video content has increased in popularity on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram over the last few years. On LinkedIn, it’s no different.


75% of marketers surveyed and found LinkedIn video content is a vital method of reaching the target audience.


You can share video content related to the new tools you are using as a professional, a motivating video, creating videos to share tips and tricks, highlighting new products or services, celebrating company wins, answering FAQs, or sharing statistics.


Videos and presentations are remarkably excellent for promoting yourself as an insightful personality in your industry. Most importantly, if you choose to post a video, try to add subtitles. Researchers found 39% of people are more inclined to complete a video with subtitles. Also, use relevant hashtags to get a higher reach for the video you are posting.


Essential Points 


  • You can make a 30-second roundup of the biggest industry news for the week.
  • A quick event recap.
  • One particularly compelling quote or answer from a more extended video interview.
  • A mild animation introducing a new business or product feature.



3. Share Industry-Adjacent but relevant Content


industry related Linkedin Content Ideas                industry related Linkedin Content Ideas


Mango IT Solutions are an eCommerce web development company dealing in technologies like Magento, WordPress, Shopify, and others. Suppose we Post only about technologies and what these technologies are doing; it could be tiresome to most of our followers. 


The key is to share information that interests our clients consistently. This industry-adjacent content allows us to showcase other topics we’re familiar with that could help our clients, and it could be beneficial for your clients.


Share content that makes knowledge coming out from you; moreover, it presents you as a pro. People always recognize smart folks who donate solid advice. 


Essential Points 


  • Don’t just post links with comments like “interesting” or “nice read.” Find a way to add an opinion to the discussion or draw the concept back to your brand.
  • Avoid posting anything extra controversial, hostile, or political.
  • LinkedIn possesses a content recommendation feature to help businesses identify topics that are popular among their targeted audience. 
  • Use hashtags to classify third-party content for your viewers. 



4. Join the Right Group


Linkedin groups for Linkedin content ideas


Does your organization provide digital marketing services? If yes, then participating in a LinkedIn group related to Digital Marketing is a great idea!


There are tons of groups to join where you can rub shoulders with other industry leaders, spark conversations, share content, and create connections. It gives you a place to share your content with relevant people and provide better visibility for your business.

To find the right group, look at the number of members there and their volume of interaction.



5. Join comment Discussions


linkedin comment section for high engagement


LinkedIn is all about communication and building relationships. Sometimes, that means talking about something other than your brand. It is all about community and engagement, and there is no better place to make connections than in the comments section of your posts or on others. 


You can start a discussion in a group or can comment on an ongoing one because you never know what personal or professional benefits you may come from your interactions. Moreover, Don’t just comment like “interesting post” or “good read” on the comments but seek a way to continue the conversation or draw the concept towards your services.



6. Publish Tips and How To’s


Publish tips and tricks for high engagement linkedin ideas


When people interact with actionable tips or suggestions, they’re eager to implement them. However, who doesn’t like a quick and easy list of ways to learn something new or do something better. The people who’ve known something new, usually grateful for how they came across the tips in the first place. ‘How to’ posts win the internet as it is a tool to learn things. 



7. Document your story and share experiences


Everyone loves learning from others’ mistakes, and LinkedIn is good at demonstrating lessons you’ve learned during your work or any mistake you’ve made in your early days. People usually empathize with the stories of incompetence and failure and are inspired by their successes. 


By opening up to the community and sharing stories about your journey, you can quickly build trust and build an audience. This strategy makes you more civilized. It helps people see you as a valuable mentor rather than someone who sits at a desk all day long.



8. Job Posting


You never know who may be looking for a new job, and since LinkedIn is seen as a place to network and job hunt, it’s always appropriate to post job listings. Whether the opening is for your own business or sharing a referral workplace, people are always looking for a job. So if you find an exciting career or your company has an opening, share on LinkedIn.


It helps you in both ways because when you’re posting openings for your own business, it reflects growth, or when it’s for someone else, it’s a show of good faith. So, It’s a win-win in every situation.


9. Share thoughts and opinions on Industry Topics


Sharing an opinion, especially on a trending matter, is a fabulous discussion starter.  60% of LinkedIn users report being interested in industry insights. So, if you’re already finding great content to share that resonates with your industry, give it your review as you post it. 


Like politics or religions, people always have comments, opinions, and feelings they want to share. People will love to respond and give their take when you share your thoughts and ideas about industry topics.


10. Be Consistent


Choose a posting schedule that works for you – whether it’s once a day or a few times in a week, it doesn’t matter as much as you are consistent. If you post something and then remain silent for a month, it negatively impacts your community. 


Being consistent with your LinkedIn engagement will be crucial for your business success. Pick a constant time and days to post, so followers know when and where to expect the connection with you.