COVID-19: The influence of working from home during the pandemic on business and life domains with Mango IT Solutions

Coronavirus is quickly emerging as a workplace health and safety concern, and diverse businesses analyze employee work from home arrangements. When COVID-19 urged organizations worldwide to assign their employees to work from home, the remote job had great importance.

Indeed, the dash to give employees access to all the tools they’d require to work from home was a bit unexpected for many employers like us. But later, everyone fell in; what promptly became manifest to many office-based teams is that workers could be productive and concentrated when not in the office—in various cases, yet more so..


How the Fashionable Situation Is Transforming Employee Productivity


Employees are the appearance of any company. However, a tiny shift in the working method splits the work swiftly. While granular variations may be more hospitable to handle and succeed, a circumstance like COVID-19 demands a lot more preparation and adaptation to more unusual ways of working. 

working from home during the covid-19 pandemic

Mango IT Solutions emphasizes reviving employees’ emotions and confidence to sustain productivity and employee engagement through and later this crisis. We emphasize that workplaces with extended assistance from managers, communication, leadership, internal communications, HR, and remote working circumstances are needed to ensure employees’ productivity and the company’s progress.




  • Converge on employees’ health, safety, and well-being

We Mango IT Solutions mainly concentrate on our employees’ health, safety, and well-being, more evident than ever ahead. We put additional effort into developing assurance among employees and preserve their motivation and spirit levels above. 


  • Create a Business flow Plan

The employees’ potency depends on how efficiently you are equipped to address and manage the pressure. That is why  Mango IT Solutions will identify 2020 as the year of business succession planning. 

 We Form an overall workforce approach and business plan that puts people front. Furthermore, we have a solid system for delivering and communicating it to employees. 

 As we believe, greeting employees’ concerns honestly and transparently will go a great way towards constructing belief and assuring business flow.


  • Keep our workplace “social” events while our employees are socially distanced.

Mango IT Solutions is now rethinking its organizational cultures and core values. How organizations, leaders, and managers encourage their employees and assist them in staying connected will significantly change the company culture and experience of th employee. 

We also provide employees with a simple way to chat, talk, and collude with their colleagues and managers. Similarly, Leaders and internal communications professionals have to transform more open and transparent workplaces to boost employee productivity and success. 

As trust and transparency in the workplace are some of the most in-demand traits employees are looking for in their employers, we influence our employee productivity and enable employers to attract and retain talent in their organizations. 


  • We are setting clear targets and expectations for the teams.

When we are all in the same working space, it is easier for managers to communicate clear goals and expectations. However, this may be a little harder when working miles apart, but we are doing it cheerfully.  We set specific goals that fuel employees’ productivity, dedication, motivation, and freedom to act independently within the prescribed limits.


working from home during the covid-19

Employee Productivity Is Becoming Each One’s Responsibility In Mango IT Solutions


Our following teams play a critical role in keeping workplaces safe and productive

  • Internal communications teams

Our Internal communications are responsible for delivering timely, frequent, and personal company updates to the entire workplace to keep them informed and ensure that employees consume the vital content. 


  • Crisis management teams

Our Crisis management and crisis communications teams are responsible for identifying the consequences of the crisis and collaborating closely with the other groups in direct communication with employees. 


  • Digital transformation teams

Since we see many new technologies being implemented within organizations to boost employee productivity, DX teams now play a significant role in communicating the benefits of these technologies and, therefore, ensure their adoption. 


  • HR teams

Our HR teams are responsible for boosting morale in the workplace, keeping employees informed, and working closely with the managers to better communicate and connect with their teams. 


  • Managers

 Our managers who are communicating with their employees directly on the most frequent basis are the ones who carry the most considerable responsibility in keeping their employees engaged and productive while working from home.


How Mango IT Solutions Is Taking Charge Of Employees During Pandemic


  • Focus on Mental Health- 

Social distancing is generating a lot of tension and anxiety. That’s how We are contributing mindful training sessions. Utilizing a free site similar to “Mindfulness Exercises” to lead associates by a conducted meditation. 


  • Offer Financial Assistance

Mango IT Solutions discovers creative methods to assist employees who may be fighting financially.


  • Encourage Virtual Workouts

It is essential to inspire employees to move, particularly when they are sitting all time. Like YouTube & other available resources, we Mango IT Solutions guide our employees to see yoga or different workouts that can be performed in-house.