Top 5 Web Development Technology Stacks for 2022

The web development segment in the IT industry is moving faster than a tracer bullet in the last few years. We’ve entered into an era where web development technology stacks are at the forefront and dominate the whole industry. Almost all the projects these days are built using different kinds of tech stacks. With a multitude of tech stacks available at your disposal, sometimes it becomes a little challenging to select the most appropriate one. 

Web Development Technology Stacks

It’s all due to the increasing penetration of digital tools across the globe that has been a source of joy for developers. The industry is taking web development seriously more than ever, making more and more resources available for today’s engineers. New tools are being developed easily and are helping to create standards that make collaboration more productive. 


The Best Web Development Stacks for 2022 and Beyond

Before coming to a conclusion about the top web development technology stack for your project, make sure that it’s in sync with the requirements of your organization. You must select that tech stack that matches the current trends and also has major community support. The tech stack must match the industry standards and should be easily adaptive.

So, these are the best tech stacks you must look forward to. 


MEAN Stack 

MEAN stack is undoubtedly one of the most popular and widely used tech stacks across the globe. Owing to the amount of benefits that it offers a developer with, it would easily be the top choice for the majority of them. MEAN Stack is a collection of JavaScript(JS) based technologies such as MongoDB (NoSQL DB), Express.js (backend web framework), Angular.js (front-end framework), and Node.js (open source cross-platform server). 


MERN Stack

MERN is almost akin to MEAN with just a single change in technology wherein Angular.js is replaced with React.js. In other words, the MERN stack is an extension of the MEAN stack.  MERN Stack is a combination of the latest technologies utilized for creating premium web applications. These are made by using multiple technologies like frameworks, libraries, and databases. These elements further provide end-to-end framework support to the developers. It is again a JavaScript-based stack that smoothens the overall development process at scale. Since 2022 would surely be about going to the next level of UI, MERN stands to gain. 


Ruby on Rails Tech Stack 

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is a developer-friendly yet one of the most secure web development technology stacks. The RoR development framework has gained popularity as it enables the development of lightweight applications effortlessly. Thus giving a major boost to the flexibility perspective of the project. Ruby, the main tech of the stack, is an open-source, object-oriented, and dynamic programming language. 


MEVN Stack

In this version of MEAN stack, Angular is replaced by Vue.js as the frontend web development framework. Vue.js, is a combination of the features of AngularJS (as View Layer) and React.js (as Virtual DOM). It is currently one of the most popular frameworks with very strong community support. It offers out-of-the-box functionality along with a great set of tools. You can further extend the functionalities of Vue.js using various 3rd party services. 


The Serverless Technology Stack 

If you’re still not riding the serverless wave, then 2022 would be the best time to go serverless, i.e. build on cloud infrastructure. Infrastructure management has never been this easy and simplified. Additionally, the provision of services and tools that are offered by serverless computing platforms are simply perfect. With a serverless stack, one thing’s for sure, scalability will never be an issue for you. I repeat never. With platforms like AWS and Google Cloud available, it would be a mistake to not opt for this stack.


Rounding Off

I think none of our blogs have ever ended and will never end without this point; the best web development technology stack is the one that suits your project goals and further growth plans. Period. Don’t ever run behind something that’s in the limelight but isn’t in sync with your project requirements. It’s all about what you want to achieve and the tech stack that will help you reach there efficiently.

Shivashish Thakur