Web Development Trends Every CTO Should Expect In 2021

With elevations in technology, the need to keep up with changes also arises, especially in web development. In recent years, there have been several changes in the web development prospect, such as widely adaptation of cloud computing, which has dramatically transformed the default way of backend execution and also the choice of both backend and frontend languages, for example, the continuous adoption of newer languages such as Python and GO for web backends. In this article, we present trends that you, as a CTO, should mark out for this year.

Emerging trends to consider in web development in the year 2021.


Progressive Web Apps:


The only way to give a native-like experience in the past was only through mobile apps. A progressive web app (PWA) is a website with the same functionalities as native apps. PWAs also have additional features and benefits such as offline access, great user experience, offline access, and simplicity to implement. 


PWAs enable users to get a high-end experience and make them forget the feel of a web browser. The world-known brands like Twitter, Alibaba, and Forbes have already unsealed PWA’s benefits and advantages for the excellence of their online presence. The applications used in the web browser giving users a good experience even with bad internet connectivity. 


Artificial Intelligence:

No one would assume in the past that AI would operate on the web due to the computation boundary of web browsers. But, with the exposure of Tensorflow.js (a machine learning library that utilizes web GL) to run Machine Learning models right on the browser without sending data to the server. Tensorflow.js has introduced lots of capabilities that were otherwise unheard of in the past. Several Machine Learning models can perform data analysis such as linear regression, face detection, object detection, and classification, among other ML tasks.

With AI running in web browsers can be securely implemented to manage your clients’ data without sending it to the server. It also addresses many security concerns with the implementation of AI systems.

Design is a large field in web development, and several trends continually emerge. We are highlighting some of the two most common design fields in the web industry.


Motion UI:


To effectively capture your visitors’ attention, motion UI is a crucial trend to look out for. As the name mentions, the user interface is in motion (Motion UI), meaning there are numerously animated and moving components in play when someone visits your website. A good example is the discord landing page. Developers have realized that most modern devices have good graphics processing capabilities and are therefore using this fact to improve user experience and, as a result, reduce bounce rates.




The use of infographics, linked with a minimum approach to web design, has also been adopted widely in current years. This design approach delivers a neat, simple UI, with graphics that captivate your user’s attention and help tell your brand’s story.


Live Chat and Chatbots:


Many companies have realized that one great way to market products and services to potential clients is to implement live chat features. This feature enables a user to contact a customer service agent directly or a chatbot while visiting your website. It is excellent as it could help an organization capture potential leads and gradually begin taking them through the marketing funnel until they eventually convert. Chatbots can be considered grateful as they save human resources or if someone requires to speak to a real agent.


SEO approach:


In the past, when web pages were designed, only a few factors were considered for the SEO, as ranking high in search results is essential for any website to remain relevant. Therefore, the designers considered such factors that affect the SEO of websites. These factors include responsiveness of the web page, load times, optimizing for bounce rate, and several other improvements to rank websites high in search results.


Cloud Computing:


As highlighted at the beginning, cloud computing has been around for quite a while but only in recent years has it begun being accessible due to the rise of AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, which has seen a surge in users worldwide world. Companies that rely on cloud computing, don’t need to hustle to implement their infrastructure. They also do not worry about database sharding, load balancing, and all the scaling services’ complexity. Most languages are much simpler and offer better performance than some of those used in the past, like the good old LAMP stack.




Suppose you run a web development company or any state in the US and the world at large. In that case, you should consider keeping up with the trends and implementing some of them to stay relevant and offer the best quality of service to your clients and finally keep up with the competition.