Why Laravel With Vue JS is Ideal Combination for Web App Development

In full-stack development, you will find two technologies in a continuously growing stage. The advantages of combining Laravel with Vue JS for full-stack development are enormous. Read this post and explore more about combining Laravel with VueJs together. Let’s start with an introduction to Vue Js and Laravel, though.

Laravel With Vue JS

What is VueJs?

A progressive Web application framework with a tonne of features is VueJS. HTML is given more markup by a progressive framework. This implies that the HTML file also gets updated whenever the browser does. As a template model, it is essentially attached to the data model.


It is a structure that is gradually adjustable. It is a solid block. The foundation of the open-source frontend framework VueJS is JavaScript. Its debut release took place in 2014, and its most recent stable release occurred on November 25.


What is Laravel?


In order to create an open-source framework, Laravel adheres to the Model-View-Controller (MVC) philosophy. It was introduced in 2011 and offers excellent performance while streamlining the entire development process.


The adaptability and simplicity of Laravel are further benefits. Scale performance is strong. According to the Stack Overflow 2020 study, 51.4% of developers favored Laravel because of its scalability.


The Laravel PHP framework distinguishes between presentation code and business logic code by separating model, controller, and view. Without spending any extra money, Laravel makes it simple to speed up bug-fixing and iterations. 9GAG, BBC, and Pfizer are a few well-known businesses that have adopted Laravel. Because it effectively addresses risks like cross-site scripting or SQL injection during the development process itself, Laravel application development becomes a smoother process.


Reasons to use Laravel with Vue JS for web app development


  • Single Page Application built with Laravel and Vue:


Developers create the ideal SPA applications using Laravel as the backend technology and Vue.js as the frontend technology. These applications function inside the browser without reloading the Full Page. Because all of the resources, including HTML, CSS, and scripts, are loaded only once in a SPA application, pages are not reloaded when a component is updated. Only data is exchanged back and forth. Additionally, there is no waiting time in a SPA application, which draws in more users. Native mobile applications can easily utilize a SPA application’s backend code. Single page applications made with Laravel and Vue are ideal since they cache any local storage, transmit only one request by storing all the data, and function effectively in offline mode. Vue and Laravel work together quite well. Similar to how they use standard HTML Tags inside the Blade File, developers create Vue Components.


  • Design for the Front End


The Internet today is governed by events. Even while using online applications, users get the impression that they are just moving between computer programs.


Vuejs makes it easier to create an event-driven application that handles all actions directly on the front end. You only need to make a few trips to request data from your Laravel application and make UI changes by switching the components without refreshing the page because Vuejs interfaces with Laravel so nicely.


Migration of a database


You can easily handle the team collaboration concerns with DB using database migration. With Laravel Migration, you may change the fields in your database without having to remove the current record. With the Laravel Migration, planning new ideas and making changes to the DB structure is simple. You can quickly construct DB Tables with this without ever using DB Managers like PHPMyAdmin, SQL light, etc. Without having to recreate it, it makes sure the database is created and maintained correctly. Laravel Migration speeds up the development of your application. The ideal choice is usually a Laravel Vue-based web application.


  • Effective Update Handling


It is evident that the data volume will start to chew up more resources with each update as the program scales during the web application development. The website suffers as a result, and lags appear on the page. Other JavaScript libraries frequently experience issues like this. However, a virtual DOM in Vue.JS prevents latency. Since just the necessary data is updated when an update is launched, the performance of the program is not impacted. Web application development is fairly streamlined when Vue.JS and Laravel are used in conjunction with data flow management solutions like Redux and Flux.


  • Laravel with Vue JS Reactive Event-Driven Apps:


The best event-driven apps, in which all actions are managed on the frontend, are made with Vue. The Developer uses its Composable Components as they see fit. Vue and the Laravel Framework make a fantastic duo thanks to the Composable Components. Of all the PHP frameworks, Laravel is the best. It’s also the most well-liked one. To get data from the Laravel web app, you only need to take a few actions when using Vue with Laravel. Additionally, changing the UI just by swapping out components is really simple. The User Experience of your application is enhanced because the Full Page is not refreshed.




You may take advantage of features like Reactive Event-Driven Apps, Highly Secure Applications, Serverless Deployment, Database Migration, etc. in a Laravel, Vue-based Web Application. An extraordinary and excellent application will be created for you by a reputable Laravel, Vue development company.

Shivashish Thakur