Best Magento Theme Providers 2021


Are you making a worksheet for originating your new Magento E-commerce store?

So for that, there is an amazing opportunity that you already have considered how your desired eCommerce store on Magento will look to users. Yes, at the centre of each Magento store’s visual aspect is a fine-crafted Magento theme which usually depicts the brand utilizing it.

Nonetheless, a thousand folds of these themes are open for free or on sale in online marketplaces & may leave you puzzled concerning which one you should need to use for your new eCommerce store. The different root of concern would be choosing from a huge pool of providers; here, you want to get the most entrusted Magento theme providers which offer Magento stores’ most elegant templates.

Relax; this article will help you resolve these concerns & spotlight what you can presume from a stable Magento theme.





Except if you’re developing right from scratch, it is advised that you need to choose a good Magento theme for your e-commerce store that will feature colors & designs which align with your brand standard. Its fonts, images, & position of tabs need to connect to furnish a freakish visual charm that your buyers deserve.



Even though maximum Magento themes providers promise their users that they’re able to customize its features & functionalities to fit their website, but in reality, that’s not always the case. Hence, before you decide to go for a Magento theme, try to consult the most reliable Magento developer to understand if there is a possibility that it could be customized to showcase the key characteristics you’re going to expect to have your E-commerce website.

A different requisite part is that most store-bought Magento themes are precisely sketched to help e-commerce merchants in an appropriate niche. Striving to customize a fashion theme to satisfy an electronic store would probably be tougher than customizing an electronics theme to match your website.




It is never a piece of long-drawn news that online buyers now employ longer time on mobile gadgets alternatively of desktops. For that specific reason, the perfect Magento theme must engage desktop users plus mobile shoppers too.

It is meant to be compatible with the bulk, if not entirely, modern mobile devices. You can review the mobile while previewing the demo version of your Magento Theme.



A long checkout method or misinterpretation of the information on the buying page could raise the rate of cart abandonment & also low sales. A certified Magento theme either emphasizes a simplistic checkout page or combines extensions that let you set it up immediately.



That’s a reality that you desire your site would appeal to users, but that doesn’t mean you have to break off the bank to arrange a proper Magento theme. Hence, cost-efficient pricing is a different factor you need to analyze before paying for an accurate Magento theme.



After that, you may need to check either the Magento Theme you’re acquiring is co-operative with the Magento software version of your site or not. Most of the Magento theme providers would habitually show compatible versions on the product summary page of the theme you’re viewing to purchase.

Here you should remember that if you’re currently running Magento 1, then there’s a chance that it will soon be ending assistance for the software, which tells you’ll instantly need a brand-new theme or upgrade when you pick a Magento migration team to support you make the switch. In the next paragraph, We’ll consider the types of Magento themes that could affect the pricing.


Various Types Of Magento Themes


Ready-Made Magento Themes

There are a variety of Magento themes placed either for freely available or on-sale on few websites. These themes are usually called ready-made since they’re not made from scratch to satisfy a particular website.

Many Magento store dealers install specific themes plus later customize them to accommodate their business requirements. In contrast, Magento theme providers also set them on sale to gain affiliate commissions from promoting them.


Custom Magento Themes

Many large corporations & also individual proprietor e-commerce operators obtain proficient Magento Theme developers to develop an independent store template.

Usually, Magento theme fetches added time & money. Still, it often comes off perfect since every feature and functionality integrated by the developer considers the business’s goals and objectives.

Here we have a bright understanding of what constitutes an all-embracing Magento theme & the varieties that exist. Now we’ll place the most reliable Magento theme providers to purchase from in 2020.


Here Is The List Of Top Magento Theme Providers For 2021. 


  1. TemplateMonster
  2. MageCloud
  3. Weltpixel
  4. RocketTheme
  5. MagePlaza
  6. ArgentoTheme
  7. UberTheme
  8. Cmsmart
  9. MagikCommerce
  10. LandofCoder


 1. TemplateMonster


TemplateMonster is a top template provider that offers themes for different platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, woocommerce, Shopify, and Magento. Here You’ll likely get to see approximately 499+ Magento themes for all other different niches so as electronics, art, design, photography, fashion, electronics, real estate, sports, & furthermore.


Magento’s most desirable selling themes on TemplateMonster operates for $179. Apart from that, you can also discover different inexpensive prices plus good themes for not more than $90. A better settlement can likewise be signing up for the paid membership for just $179, which gives you access to eCommerce themes and countless installations, immediate customer support, and other premium features.


TemplateMonster’s Magento Theme Features

  • Ajax Search
  • MegaMenu
  • Film Slider
  • Ajax Wishlist
  • Ajax Compare
  • Ajax Catalog
  • Layout Switcher
  • Parallax and Video Background
  • Google Map
  • Catalog Images Grid
  • Blog
  • Featured Products


2. MageCloud 


MageCloud is a cloud-based product service company that empowers vendors to establish their Magento store in fewer minutes with the least technical skills needed. The service supports languages such as french, german, Italian, Spanish, Polish and offers 100+ free Magento themes to merchants who use their service to develop their Magento store.

MageCloud also places a series of novel premium themes. Yet, it would be advisable to go by their free of cost gallery as you could see feature responsive web design themes embracing niches in a particular fashion, jewelry, electronics, food stores, & loads more.

Magento 1 shoppers more have something to applaud cause you’re able to discover MageCloud, free of cost, & super premium themes starting with just $99 for your E-commerce store.


MageCloud’s Magento Theme Features 

  • Samples and preview
  • Localizations
  • Theme Editor
  • List your theme at MageCloud.
  • Custom or 3rd party themes
  • Default themes


3. Weltpixel


Weltpixel is not a complete Magneto Themes Marketplace similar to the different providers we have reviewed. Though, if you see the pearl Magento 2 theme, usually viewed as one of the most beloved Magento themes so that you can spot it on Weltpixel. More than 32,700 e-commerce vendors who migrated to Magento 2 manage the modified versions of the pearl Magento theme, essentially designed for websites in the fashion & accessories niche.

Weltpixel divides the pearl theme into three chief categories essential, professional, & custom.  If you’re utilizing the community edition of Magento, later pearl essential runs for $499, although the professional version runs for $999.


Wetpixel’s Magento Theme Features




4. RocketTheme


The RocketTheme marketplace features one free Magento theme (Quasar) and various premium templates that are only compatible with Magento 1 e-commerce stores.


In other words, if you’re a Magento 2 user, then you should not waste your time going to the RocketTheme, although we assume this to evolve as more other end-users get the switch to Magento 2 with the June 2020 deadline nearing. However, you can expect to enjoy a variety of Magento extensions and lifetime support (ending in 12 months) with each theme you purchase on their service while there are no renewal or subscription costs attached.


RocketTheme’s Magento Theme Features

  • Beautiful Design
  • Powerful Features
  • Extensions
  • Documentation
  • Magento Themes Compatibility
  • Product Updates
  • Help & Support


5. MagePlaza



Although some other Magento theme providers, as we’ve evaluated as yet, extend a massive variety of templates incorporating diverse niches, as we need to understand, MagePlaza does not obey the trends.


MagePlaza compiled this list by considering the best free and paid Magento 2 themes of ThemeForest and other marketplaces. If you’re also searching for moderately priced Magento themes, you will find it interesting to know that themes on MagePlaza fall between the range of $69 to $89.


To be precise, MagePlaza themes have not supported Magento 1 e-commerce software, so you’ll need to move somewhere else if that is what you desire.


MagePlaza’s Magento Theme Features


  • Unlimited header layouts with 20 predefined themes
  • Easy to Customize
  • Support flexible Extensions
  • Free update Guarantees
  • Super Fast Magento Theme: A-Class


6. ArgentoTheme



Argento is a premium Magento theme reportedly created from scratch for the best e-commerce stores. According to the latest Magento guidelines, interestingly, the theme does not discriminate but offers support for multiple versions of Magento 1 & Magento 2 eCommerce software.

 Lifetime access to the theme, which is compatible with the Magento community edition, goes for $90. At the same time, merchants can pay an extra $25 if they wish to access customer support and updates.


Argento’s Magento Theme Features


  • Free professional installation
  • 20 essential modules in the package
  • Great customization flexibility
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Designs that convert


7. UberTheme


No, UberTheme is not a transport service; it is a company providing Magento themes. UberTheme is a Magento theme provider that registers for free & paid versions. Here templates thoroughly compatible, including Magento 1.9 & 2 websites.

The downside, though, is that there free Magento themes available for download on the website. However, paid themes typically priced at $80 cut across niches such as fashion, digital, sports, food, gift items, etc.


Uber’s Magento Theme Features


  • UB One Step Checkout module
  • UB Instant Layered Navigation module
  • UB Mega Menu module
  • UB Content Slider module
  • UB Quick View module
  • UB Rich Snippet module
  • Plus one premium M2 theme for FREE


8. Cmsmart


Cmsmart gives what we can say outstanding above all the best Magento themes, starting with just $29.9 for the unique Magento DVD shop theme. This big-budget theme on their service is the business version of the multi-store marketplace Magento 2 theme unified multi-vendor that runs for $799.


Given that Cmsmart offers only a handful of themes, we do not recommend it for merchants searching for free Magento themes but only those willing to pay the cash to get the premium theme for their e-commerce store.


CmsMart’s Magento Theme Features


  • Integrate powerful Magento extensions
  • Ultimate UX optimized
  • Responsive design
  •  Simple to install and use
  •  Expandability


9. MagikCommerce


MagikCommerce focuses on delivering premium Magento e-commerce themes spanning different niches, including animals and pets, beauty, education arts, business, electronics, cars and auto, entertainment, and much more.

There are two free Magento themes available, namely Rolta and Shoes but the premium templates cost anywhere between $59 to $89, while the service also offers a guide on how to download the themes.


MagikCommerce’s Magento Theme Features


  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Mega Menu and Slider bar menu
  • Six different layouts
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Google web Fonts
  • Sticky Header
  • SEO and Speed Optimized


10. LandofCoder


LandofCoder is a vibrant Magento Marketplace giving a wide variety of entirely free & excellent premium Magento themes. Nevertheless, the platform doesn’t sell or let you download these registered themes; however, it assigns you to a third-party provider.


Besides, Magento merchants’ further requirement to migrate to Magento 2 means LandofCoder only renders themes that are compatible with modernized websites. Premium themes listed on LandofCoder would usually cost anywhere between $54 to $94 and cuts across multiple niches.


LandofCoder’s Magento Theme Features


  • Responsive, transparent, cutting- edge design
  • Ajax Cart
  • quick view
  • detail of Gallery image product
  • Brand Logo Slider
  • Bootstrap 3.x Layout Components.
  • Magento 2.0 UI




As we promised beforehand, we have in this article outlined the most suitable Magento theme providers to shop with if you’re looking to get your e-commerce website off to an excellent beginning with an attractive interface that surely your shoppers deserve.


Before you install each theme, however, do make sure to review our earlier suggestions regarding what makes an ideal Magento theme & then. You can find the perfect template that suits your brand & rakes in your store’s sales straight out the door.