Beating the Lockdown Blues – A Mango IT Approach

We said goodbye to 2019 with sensible hopes and aspirations to take our businesses to new heights in the upcoming year. Our purchasers had clear resolutions regarding what they’re planning to do the most effective within the returning year. But, COVID-19 has hit each one of us! At first, ranging from China, the virus unfolds like a bushfire all around the world, touching most businesses. It was Feb first once the virus’s eruption news got replaced by the daily things based mostly upon the injury the virus was doing.


At Mango IT Solutions, we have purchasers and customers connected with us from all around the globe, and hearing regarding the pandemic irruption awakens us all to remain ready for the worst that may happen. In no time, began to strategize the plans and steps that require to keep everything running as-is for us and our customers.


Nothing’s changed, but Everything’s Different!


We created an inventory of things that we foresee to be essential for our purchasers. The whole team was predictive about the stress, queries, and desires that would arise in such hardship and the way we are able to do our greatest to arrange ourselves in such a short time.

What remained unchanged was the dedication and commitment that we had always stuck to work and serve the business wants of our purchasers.

We have upgraded our services to help and serve our purchasers higher within the hour of want. We’ve forever been operating with the intent of developing an individual’s affiliation, and for that, we have provided human support to every one of our purchasers. During this harsh time of the COVID-19 eruption too, our determination to assist our purchasers with human affiliation is firm and rock solid.

Inevitably it came with the challenge of guaranteeing healthful and safe operating conditions for our workers. It absolutely was essential as they’re the muse of our company and apparently of our many consumers too without putting their productivities at stake.



24/7 Remote Working


To ensure that our workers keep safe, they started extending their services from home day and night, with even additional dedication and aggressiveness.

No stone is being left unturned in serving the community and clients where they feel stuck! There has been a big increase within the range of support tickets, and they’re being raised daily, and we want forward to dealing effectively with every one of them with utmost accuracy providing ultra-satisfactory resolutions to them.

With the correct use of technology, we’re programing Skype, Zoom, resort conferences to take care of excellent coordination amongst the groups. Say hi! To the heroes backstage!



As an effort amid COVID-19, we’re reaching our clients!


The core values of Mango IT solutions have forever been outstanding on one-on-one personal support for our purchasers, wherever every one of them has their team aligned to them to cater to their customized needs. We haven’t tweaked it. It’s still the same, however, even higher now!

Our specialists are actively searching for any queries that appear in our client’s head and are able to give support with a proactive answer.

Empathy has been another pillar of our core price, wherever we have a tendency to deeply perceive the issues of our clients. Over time, we’ve learned what walking into others’ shoes is and what complications may occur. Because, to us, our client’s success is our glory, we have a tendency to forever keep alert with the threats and weaknesses which may hurt our stakeholders.

Our client support website contacts are being filtered totally 24/7, and we’re checking every thread and price tag that we’re receiving, so they’re rigorously forwarded to the involved team operating remotely! And this doesn’t stop here; we have our selling team substantially alert for instances if we receive any facilitate question over any potential channel. With this, we’ve lined all the grounds to remain awake and prepared to assist our customers and community members.


Stay Home, Stay Safe!


To everybody out there United Nations agency is littered with this pandemic in any kind, we’ve sympathy for you and your loved ones. Everything that we’re doing is simply a tiny low gesture of facilitating the community. We hope you and your loved ones are safe, and soon, things come back to normalcy.