What New Magento have For The eCommerce World In 2021


What Magento Has New to Serve in 2021 for the Ecommerce World


The eCommerce Industry is enduring worldwide and continuously growing in popularity. Users are turned more toward mobile apps and online stores to buy nearly everything, from daily needs to wearables. With such an impressive market share, old and new technologies are sparing no effort to keep pace with changing eCommerce trends, and Magento is no exception. It is a widely used and preferred e-commerce platform used by almost every enterprise software development company worldwide. After being acquired by Adobe, Magento has performed many advanced innovations, along with highly effective features.

We have listed a few features that Magento has For The ECommerce World In 2021. 

Headless Commerce

In the past few years, live streaming has become a charmer in the social media world. It is the most suitable and uncomplicated way to connect with online users. Acknowledging audiovisuals’ benefits on sales and online business, Magento induced the Live Stream feature to online businesses. Now, brands can give a real demo of their products through broadcasts on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or any website. Live videos on the app or website can drive more traffic as audio-video presents more transparency about products. Live Streaming also gives a feeling of engagement to users, and people can clarify their queries spontaneously.

Live Streaming

Live streaming has become a head-turner in the social media world. It is the most convenient and hassle-free way to connect with users and customers. Considering the benefits of audiovisuals on sales and online business, Magento has brought this feature to online businesses. Now, sellers and brands can give a live demo of products via broadcast on the website or any social media platform, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. With live videos on the app or website, you can surely drive more traffic as audio-video provides more clarity about products. Real-time communication also gives a sense of involvement to users and they can clear their queries instantly.

B2B eCommerce

understand B2B eCommerce’s significant aspect. Most organizations don’t even try or make an effort to get familiar with their B2B buyers or analyze their preferences. Magento published a new PWA feature for B2B companies in 2021 so that businesses can shift their concentration to more customer-centric rather than product-centric. As most of the time and resources go into backend integrations and custom services, Magento has chosen to collude with EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) to make the process quicker and easier.

Intelligent Commerce

When you hit an online store and scroll through products, you see suggestions by the app or any website. You click on that piece and often add it to your cart. Therefore, over 62% of online buyers make their purchase decisions based on recommendations and leading stores. All this is done by Artificial Intelligence (AI), a technology that Magento has incorporated into eCommerce stores for thoughtful product suggestions. Magento is bringing another fantastic feature of live search powered by AI. It will be a SaaS-based service with an intuitive search feature to allow merchants to implement their marketing logic to suggest search items based on visitors’ behavior.

Ethical Trends

Consumers are getting more severe and attentive toward ecological issues, and their consumption decisions are also based on rising concerns. Hence, sustainable solutions were established to address farming practices, waste reduction, CO2 production, plastic packaging, and more. Magento developers are also following the trend and assuring that users can realize the unseen impact of consumerism and eCommerce. 

Summing It Up!

After going through these new features and updates introduced by Magento, there is no doubt that this eCommerce platform will continue to grow in the industry. Nonetheless, it doesn’t indicate that Magento will stop evolving. It is still managing on a mechanism and features to link any breaks and cover patches.